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5 Ways To Prevent Cargo Theft

01 Mar 5 Ways To Prevent Cargo Theft

One issue that have been chasing some load zones in different countries is the Cargo Theft. The high-strategic thefts are the ones that have been operating in this days, with the use of technology and fraudulent actions. With this article we pretend to analyze some points and give possible solutions to avoid the theft of your charges and help companies to protect them in a more effective way.


Tips to avoid the Cargo Theft.

  1. Cargo Trucks and Trailers without supervision.

The thieves to take advantage of trucks with low or none supervision to make their moves, they even connect other trailers with their own to steal many units at the time. To prevent this to happen the best solution is to keep all the charges safe, maintaining constant communication of the movement and over all, knowing where your charge is placed, to be updated until your charge gets to the final destination.

  1. Identity Theft

Another point to consider is that the thieves can use the identity of the transporter to steal the charge, arriving earlier to the pickup. To avoid this, is really important to implement strict procedures to authenticate the driver’s identity and notify the carrier company previously.

  1. Wrong directions

When cargo shipping contracts are received, some take advantage of this to do legit operations of cargo transport, and they do it many times, without an inconvenience, but they take the opportunity to alert a mechanical failure, so while the truck is in the shop, the thieve disappear with the stolen cargo. In these cases, is better to avoid the unnecessary stops and maintain the cargo in movement, if not, it could be in risk.

  1. Familiarize with you supply chain

When you are sending o receiving cargo, is really important to know who the carrier and the driver are programmed to pick up your cargo, besides verifying their identities.  You must know with detail the schedules and routes of the delivery, don’t trust in the out of schedules trips, and check constantly the security given by your supply chain.

  1. Create alliances

Creating alliances with other companies that are in charge of the law, will let you be aware of what is happening in the matter of security in the final destination of your cargo. They can give you advises to handle the delivery safely, improving the communication and promoting the support between companies. This can avoid the both intern and external theft.


All theses aspects are important to avoid the cargo theft. The constant communication with security officers and groups of work could be excellent ways to secure the cargos, also be aware of what is happening nowadays and what are de models of theft in different regions.

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