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New trends in logistics

01 Mar New trends in logistics

Digital technologies, process digitalization and probably many other transformations are going to be seen in the next 5 years. But beside these changes, new trends are coming, such as:


Business versatility

One of the key points of success in logistics business that has been gaining strength, is to add value to the supply chain y understand what the benefit-cost relation of the service is. To be an intuitive and adaptable company to face the changes will be the most important aspect to stay versatile before the great competitions that exist all over the world.

Road to the constant change.

To be part of the digital world is now a priority in business. This online commerce trend stand out and keep growing fast, that’s why to stay behind it is not an options. The little and medium companies should join the change, no matter if they all ready have defined structures and rigid processes, the transformation could be forced for some, but it will bring many benefits.

Closer communication with the customers

Direct communication with the customers will be more considered in the supply chain. Companies will seek for value, allowing a fluid feedback between parts to achieve more successful agreements. Technologies will play a great role in the improvement of these communications, allowing the appreciation of any other point o view.

Cross data traffic.

Customer Relation Management o CRM and Business Intelligence will be the stars in the data management, bringing benefits to the purchasing, sales, logistics, and production departments.


With these tools the data filtration will be a reality, also, the attraction and integration of different business models, the change of suppliers routines and process digitalization will allow the achieve of excellent results in competitivity and productivity in the logistics companies.

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