Our Biggest Asset - SPC Logistics | Servicios de agenciamiento marítimo y logística
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Our Biggest Asset

General Manager

Christian Ruiz Sarria

Christian has more than 13 years of experience in logistics in Costa Rica and Colombia. He has extensive knowledge in Ship Agency, brokerage, freight forwarding and projects.

Among its main achievements are consolidating, diversifying and grown of the logistics company him worked for in Costa Rica.

He stands out for leading by example, PROACTIVE and putting passion in each of his work activities, always looking for long term relationships and mutual growth with customers. Christian enjoy to share with his family, friends, be in touch with nature and play good salsa.




Sales & Marketing Manager

Jader Aristizabal Cardona

Jader has more than 10 years of experience developing projects of marketing, sales and communication for transnational corporations in the ambit of massive consumption as well as services in institutions around Central America.

He is a real entrepreneurship who has developed various startups of services and products.

Jader brings in to SPC his energy, proactivity, passion and innovation in developing new business, as well as maintaining the companies philosophy of solutions, proactivity and compromise.

He also likes reading, sports and exchanging knowledge with people.



Freight Forwarder Manager

Gerardo Castro Monge

Gerardo Castro Monge is

the Freight Forwarder Manager at SPC LOGISTICS and has 14 years of experience in the logistics bussiness, experience in bonded warehouse, customs, ship agency,freight forwarding, projects and great relationship with agents worlwide;

In addition he had lead with quality the department of Customer Service & Procurement, additionally of work proactivity in order to get the best logistics SOLUTIONS, with the best cost and the best service.

Gerardo is very joyfull, who enjoys interaction with clients and friends, he also loves to be in contact with animals.



Ship Agency Manager

Guillermo Bosque Arguedas

Guillermo has more than 8 years of experience in management of vessel operations in Costa Rica. He has wide experience in handling all types of vessels, bulk carriers, tankers, containers, Navy ships, break bulk or project vessels, etc, in addition to the excellent relationship which he has with the authorities.

He stands out for its high COMMITMENT in each vessel attended, it puts all its commitment achieving a work of quality, in the shortest time and with the best costs for customers. Also, he stands out for its dedication, honesty and nobility.

In his spare time, he enjoys good reading and is passionate about music, 100% lover of nature, whether mountain or beach.




Operations Chief San José

Adriana Guillen Obregón

Adriana has 7 years of experience in logistics, she started in customer service, given her great commitment and professionalism was promoted to the Operations Department, where it stands out for its high degree of COMMITMENT, belonging, working each cargo as Own and always watching over customer satisfaction.

Its biggest reward is that every operation is delivered to customers in the shortest possible time and free of incidents.

Adriana is an independent, hardworking, very spiritual, brave, kind and affectionate woman. She likes music, reading, walking and her biggest passion is sharing with her son, with whom she learns and motivates herself to be a better person.




Operations Chief Limón / Moin

Geovanny Arturo Hay Laun

Geovanny has 12 years of experience in port operations and customs operations in Limon and Moin, also a wide knowledge of tankers, multi-purpose vessels, containers, project ships, etc.

Additionally, Geovanny has experience in port terminal operations (Transient Parking).

It stands out for its readiness to learn and its desire to surpass itself by its clients, it is worth to emphasize high level of COMMITMENT in each one of the operations and services that he manages.

In his free time, he enjoys sharing with his family, friends and he is passionate about play and watch Basketball games.



Operations Executive San José

Yahaira Mckenzie Banton

Yahaira has 13 years of experience in land transport, air, maritime, customs and logistics in general, acquiring extensive knowledge in the sector that allows you to make the best operational decisions. It has a high level of COMMITMENT and passionately works each shipment entrusted to it, always taking care of the interests of our customers.

Yahaira is a very focused, dedicated and collaborative woman. He loves the beach, going to the movies and enjoying with his family and friends.


Cell: :+50688614236

Liner Manager

Vernor Murillo

Vernor has more than 15 years of experience in the Costa Rican maritime-port sector, with participation in regulatory modifications with government authorities in Costa Rican ports, contributions to projects such as the Central American ferry, Tica, Advisor in the Customs and Maritime field, with more than 100,000 vehicles imported in the last 5 years. He also has experience as assistant to the public function and now a maritime agent who joins the SPC Logistics work team.

Vernor likes photography, nature, reading, and sharing family time.


Cell: :+506 8592-0404

Administrative and Financial Head

Marielisa Valverde Araya

Marielisa is graduated in Business Administration from ULACIT. She has experience in the accounting area, starting as an accounting assistant, then as a billing assistant in Logistics Where she has excelled for her commitment, pro activity, dedication and leadership skills.


She’s also studious, hard-working, kind and charismatic woman. she likes music, reading and her greatest passion is to be in touch with nature and share with her family.


cel::+506 7201-6031

Management assistant

Jennifer Romero

Jennifer has 7 years of experience in logistics, especially in the maritime sector, and with extensive knowledge in the industry.

It highlights a high level of commitment and customer service. Jennifer is an independent, dedicated and studious woman. He likes to share with his family.


cel::+506 6040-2414