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Puerto Caldera

Administrator: Sociedad Portuaria Caldera

Location: located in the bay of Caldera, in the Golf of Nicoya, on the Pacific coast, Puntarenas.

9 degrees 54 minutes north latitude, 84 degrees 43 minutes west longitude


The nearest international airport: is the is the Juan Santamaria, located in the city of Alajuela


Max length of 220 mts.
Max draft of 12.3 mts for bulkers and 12,0 mts for tankers and general vslsc
Services of fresh water, sludge removal, ship chandlers, garbage disposal are available.
No daylight restriction
Air draft restriction: No
Shore crane available: Yes 2
Free Practique can not be granted upon arrival, Port Authorities must visit the vessel in order to grant Free Practique.
Mooring Arrangements: Ropes are required for mooring, wires are not allowed.

Quantity of Piers:

4 berths as follows

Berth Length Depth Draft size Cargo
No. (m.) (m.) (m.) (d.w.t.)
1 210 9.5 9.30 25 Containers, breakbullk, chemicals
2 150 9.1 8.90 15 Containers, breakbullk, Project
3 190 7.0 6.75 5 Breakbluk, General Cargo
4 210 12.50 12.30 42.000 Breakbulk, General Cargo

*max draft berth 1 for bulkers is 8.70 mts

*max draft berth 2 for bulkers is 8.70 mts

*max draft berth 3 for bulkers is 7,00 mts

*max draft berth 4 for bulkers is 12,30 mts

*Berth# 4: Uncommon swell has been reports due to exposed sea at this berth.

*Material used as fendering: Rubber Fender.

*Distance between fenders: 19.2 mts

*Distance between berth and shipside: 1.5 mts


The Customs authorities now stipulate that:

All cargo on board of the vessel with destination Costa Rica must be manifested.
The manifest and Bills of lading must be registered in the customs Systems (TICA) 48 hrs before ship´s arrival
Cargoes entering and have not been manifested will be confiscated in the Port´s terminals.
Violations of this rules will have the following consequences:

Any ship that has not been entered into customs system (TICA) will not be docked.
Any failure to cargo manifested evident in quantities or weight, will be fined.


Documents for authorities:

6 crew list
6 port of call
2 vacinnation list.
2 Ship Particulars
2 Maritime declaration of Health
6 NIL LIST ( no arms, no drugs, no stowaways, etc)
2 Crew list departure
2 ship store declaration.
2 tonnage certificate
Original last port clearence



Direct entrance from open sea, pilot board the ship at 1 mile from port, authorities visit the vessel once docked at pier


Anchorage Area

Port Caldera: 1 mile from port, with a draft between 12-13mts



The pilot board the ship at 1 mile from port Entrance
In port Caldera, the gangway should be at portside, on 1mt of sea level.
Pilotage is compulsory for larger vessels.
Weather conditions suitable for docking and undocking manoeuvres, subject to discretion of pilot’s office.


Pre Arrival Information ETA:
72hrs, 48hrs, 24hrs in advance

Agent must be advised 72, 48 and 24 hours before arrival, indicating amount of cargo to be discharged in tonnes. This information is required by the Port Authority. Failure to provide this information will result in the vessel being delayed by up to 24 hours.


Vessels whose port of departure is less than 48 hours steaming from the port, shall notify the Port Authority on departure from said port.

The following information should be included in the ETA message:

name of vessel, shipping line and Agent
name of Master
national flag
last ports of call
vessel’s LOA, draft and beam
tonnage and cargo type/class to be loaded/discharged and in transit
stowage plan of cargo.

Water Density:




Forklifts, Straddler Carriers,Trucks, 2 shore cranes of 140tons lift capacity available

in Port Caldera as per Article 84 of Port Rules and Regulation in Caldera the use of the shore crane is subject to final decision from Terminal Authorities, so at any moment during cargo discharge/loading operations, the Terminal authorities can use it and expenses will be in vsls account.


Port facility security:

All port facilities in terminal and main areas have closed circuit television monitored 24hrs, the terminal has the ISPS specifications.


Working days

The ports of caldera works 24hrs, 7 days per week


Watchmen on board

In the Port of caldera is not compulsory to have private watchmen on board, however it is advisable to avoid risks of drugs, stowaways, arms, etc.


Tides and currents

The maximum increase of the tides is 10” and the smallest 7” winds speed can be very variable during the year.


Charts: BA Charts No. 1021 and 1931.

Publications: BA Sailing Directions, NP 8.

ISPS Compliance: Port is compliant.

PFSO: Mangel Alajandro Heredia, Port Security Manager. Tel: +506 2634 9500 (ext. 101), email a.mangel@spcaldera.com


Practique: Vessels must be in possession of a Ship Sanitation Control (Exemption) Certificate signed by the Master. In case of any suspected disease or fever on board, Master to notify by radio to Port authorities and vessel to wait outside the limits of territorial waters until clearance is given.

VHF: The Port Authority listens on Channel 16 and works on Channel 14 throughout 24 hours.

Tugs: Compulsory for berthing and unberthing. Three tugs available (including 1×1,700 h.p. and 1×1,800 h.p.).

Storage: Warehousing totalling 13,200 sq.m. and open stockyards totalling 71,400 sq.m


Container Facilities: Six spreaders (3×20 ft., 3×40 ft.), 2 empty spreaders, 27 forklifts (2.5–16.0 tonnes), 1×35 tonne toploader, 8 reachstackers (2×40 tonnes, 6×45 tonnes), 10 tractors, 16 trailers, 40 reefer points, storage area with total capacity 700 TEU.


Stevedores: The Port Authority provides stevedores throughout 24 hours, 7 days.

Waste Disposal: Garbage disposal possible. Contact Agent.

Slops Disposal: Sludge/Slops disposal possible. Contact Agent.

Medical: Medical services can be provided at a clinic in the port or at a hospital in Puntarenas.

Fresh Water: Provided by the Port Authority at all berths.

Fuel: Available by road tanker, arranged by agents.

Local Holidays: The port works throughout 24 hours, 7 days of the week 365

Current: At a distance of 500 m. off the jetty the current can be as strong as 0.6 knots.

Banks: Banking facilities available in Barranca and Puntarena, approx. 10 km. from the port.

Shore Leave: Possible, pls contact agent.

Repatriation: Crew changes and repatriation possible.

Identification Cards: On landing, crew members and passengers in transit must carry identity documents which are to be submitted to the Port Authority.

Seaman’s clubs: None.


Puerto Caldera SPC, Espíritu Santo, Esparza, Costa Rica. Tel: +506 2634 9500. Fax: +506 2634 4595. http://www.spcaldera.com Contact: Ricardo Ospina Leon, General manager. T: +506 2634 9500 (ext. 101). r.ospina@spcaldera.com, Juan Carlos Mora Prez, Operations Manager. T: +506 2634 9531 (ext. 301). M: +506 8340 2851. j.mora@spcaldera.com

Operator Head Office: Instituto Costarricense de Puertos del Pacifico, Puerto de Caldera, America Central, Costa Rica.Tel: +506 2634 9100, 2634 9105. contraloria@incop.go.cr http://www.incop.go.cr Contact: Ivan Lastro Barbado, Port Operations.ilastro@incop.go.cr



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