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Puerto Limón


83, 03 ‘, 48 “W

9 ° 59 ’30 “north latitude


The port of Limon is on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica and has an area of 9188 meters square. It is located Approx. 35 n.m. from the border with Panama.

Cargos handled:Dry cargo, cargo projects, container, Ro-Ro and cruise vessels

The nearest international airport is the Juan Santamaria International Airport and is located 153Km in San Jose Costa Rica



Max length of 250 mts.
Max draft of 10.5 mts
Services of fresh water, sludge removal, garbage disposal are available.

Quantity of piers:

Port´s Limon terminal has 5 berths:

Pier Length Drafts Purpose
4-3 210 mts 10.0 mts Projects and Ship containers
4-2 210 mts 9.50 mts Projects and Ship containers
3-1 250 mts 9.20 mts RO –RO ships
3-2 250 mts 9.20 mts Cruise passengers vessels – bulk cargo
3-3 250 mts 10.00 mts Cruise passengers vessels – bulk cargo

Note = Port Limón & Moín tide affection is only -62cm/day (Max once a year July = (+/-) 14 cm)

The Customs authorities now stipulate that:

All cargo on board of the vessel with destination Costa Rica must be manifested.
The manifest and Bills of lading must be registered in the customs Systems (TICA) 24hrs before ship´s arrival
Cargoes entering and have not been manifested will be confiscated in the Port´s terminals.
Violations of this rules will have the following consequences:

Any ship that has not been entered into customs system (TICA) will not be docked.
Any failure to cargo manifested evident in quantities or weight, will be fined.

Documents for authorities:

7 crew list
7 port of call
4 vacinnation list.
5 Ship Particulars
5 Health maritime declaration
7 nil list ( no arms, no drugs, no stowaways, etc)
3 Crew list departure
3 ship store declaration.
4 tonnage certificate
Original last port clearence and 2 copies
3 International Security Certificate
3 Registry Certificate
3 Cargo Manifest
3 Stowage Plan
4 Dangerous Cargo on board if have
3 Crew Effects Declarations
Ships Certificate in Original for Revision


Direct entrance from open sea, pilot board the ship at half mile from port, authorities visit the vessel once docked at pier

Max channel draft: 16mts

Anchorage Area: Port Limon: a half mile from port, with a draft between 12-13mts


Compulsory and available throughout 24 hours. Pilots board in position (approx. 1 n.m. from the berths). Vessels should provide Agent with accurate ETA who will order Pilot at least 24 hours before arrival. Pilots listen on VHF Channel 16 and work on Channel 14.

Pilotage may be interrupted due to bad weather at discretion of Pilot’s Office.

Pre-arrival information: 72hrs, 48hrs, 24hrs in advance

Agent must be advised 72, 48 and 24 hours before arrival, indicating amount of cargo to be discharged in tonnes. This information is required by the Port Authority. Failure to provide this information will result in the vessel being delayed.

Vessels whose port of departure is less than 48 hours steaming from the port, shall notify the Port Authority on departure from said port.

ETA message should contain:

LOA and Draft
number of passengers disembarking (if any)
Amount of cargo to discharge (Tonnes)
Number of gangs required to work on board.

Density of water: 1,025 (salt water)


Equipments: 2 Forklifts 2.5 tons, 4 Straddler Carriers, 9 Mafis, 1 shore crane available.

Air draft Restriction: NIL

Day light Restriction: NIL

Port facility security:

All port facilities in terminal and main areas have closed circuit television monitored 24hrs, Port’s Limon terminal has the ISPS specifications.




Tel. (506) 2799-1001



Work days:

The port of Limon works 24hrs, 7 days per week, except 1st may (Workers day)


Watchmen on board:

In port´s Limon is not compulsory to have watchmen on board, however it is advisable to avoid risks of drugs, stowaways, arms, etc.

Tides and currents:

The maximum increase of the tides is 3” winds speed can be very variable during the year.


Web Links:



CHARTS: BA Chart No. 1798.

Publications: BA East Coasts of Central America and Gulf of Mexico Pilot, NP 69A

ISPS Compliance: Port is compliant

Max Size: LOA 250 m., draft 10.5 m.

Bulk: Draft 10.5 m.

Containers: LOA 210 m., draft 10.5 m.

Ro-Ro: Draft 9.5 m.

VHF: Port Authority on Channel 16. All vessels anchoring in the port must communicate with the Pilot office on Channels 16 and 14.

Tugs: 2×850 h.p. tugs, compulsory for berthing and unberthing.

Bulk Facilities: Bulk cargoes are handled at Berths No. 3-2/3.

Container Facilities: Containers are handled at Berths No. 4-2 and 4-3, two gantry cranes are available.

Note: 1 gantry crane reported as being unserviceable, January 2013.

Passenger Facilities: Cruise vessels are handled at Berths No. 3-2/3.


Other facilities:

Ro-Ro: Ramps and parking lanes available for Ro-Ro cargo.

Cranes: Mobile cranes are available, contact Agent.

Stevedores: Port works throughout 24 hours, seven days a week. Stevedores will open hatches if required.

Waste Disposal: Garbage and sludge removal services are available, contact Agent.

Medical: Hospital facilities available. No notice required, except in case of serious illness; to be included in arrival notice.

Fresh Water: Service not available.

Fuel: Any quantity can be obtained as there is a refinery at Limon.

Storing: Vessel can be stored by truck, which can proceed alongside the berth. Local riggers can be employed.

Repairs: Minor repairs only.

Surveyors: Representatives of Lloyd’s, ABS and Norske Veritas.

Police / Ambulance / Fire: Police Red Cross Ambulance Fire.

Security / Gangway: Not compulsory. But recommended.

Local Holidays: Port closed on 1 May (Workers’ Day).

Weather / Tides: There can be a small surge alongside the berths in Puerto Limon, especially when winds are coming from the SE, which occurs occasionally (August and September).

In Puerto Moin the surge occurs when winds come from the north, which occurs occasionally in the months of December and January.

Consuls: Nearest available in San Jose, 150 km.

Telephones: Mobile telephone coverage provided, GSM 850/1800 and 3G 850/2100 (2013).

Nearest Airport: Limon Domestic Airport, 5 km. San Jose International Airport, 150 km.


Connections: Puerto Limon is served by highways 32 and 36. Highway 32 (the Guapiles Highway) runs east – west to San Jose; Highway 32 is a busy road which coils steeply down the mountains and is often fog-bound, landslides are frequent resulting in its closure. Highway 36 is coastal, running southbound to the border with Panama.

Limon Airport (LIO) within easy reach of the port, although no scheduled services operate.

Banks: National banks with ATM facilities are available.

Customs: One packet of cigarettes may be taken ashore. No alcohol may be taken ashore.

Shore leave: Crew members are allowed to go ashore.

Repatriation: Facilities available.

Identification Cards: Supplied by the Agent.



Head Office: Junta de Administracion Portuaria y de Desarrollo, Economico de la Vertiente Atlantica (JAPDEVA), Apartado Postal 1320-7300, Costa Rica. Tel: +506 2758 0567. Fax: +506 2758 3229. http://www.japdeva.go.cr Contact: MBA Carlos Castro Vargas, Port Operations Manager.


AGENT: SPC Shipping SA