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Ship Agency

Ship agency

We offer a first class service for all kind of vessels (Containers, Ro-Ro, Tankers, Cruisers, Multipurpose, bulk carriers, scientific, etc.) in all seaports of Costa Rica, supported by an excellent team of professionals specialized in maritime operations and highly committed. As a Ship Agency we offer a comprehensive solution for our customers,  guaranteeing efficient, safe and successful operations in port for the vessel and its cargo.


Our services:
• Commercial support for our principals and the customers of our principals.
• Statistics, information and knowledge of the market which allows our customers to increase their business
• Ship arrival and departures.
• Efficient communication and management of communication systems with all parties involved.
• Control and review of all services billed by suppliers, which includes cost management of our principals.
• Documentary assistance and coordination with port authorities.
• Tugs, Pilot, launch service, surveys, coordination.
• Crew and passenger assistance, visas, etc.
• Coordination with ship chandlers, delivery of supplies, spare parts, fuels and lubricants.
• CTM.
• Protective agents.
• Any specific requirements.