SPC Logistics representación con Wallenius Wilhelmsen
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As part of the constant growth and research for better connections, It is a pleasure for SPC Logistics to announce our new representation, Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistic, the shipping company in charge of marine transportation for rollers, Break Bulk and oversized Cargo.

This representation opens new roads to more business around the world in logistics of specialize cargo. WWL line operates with a modern and flexible float of 60 PCTC (pure car/ truck carrier), LCTC (Large car and truck carrier) and RO-RO ships (Roll on Roll off), high quality and precision on deliveries. Their ships vessels are equipped with most recent technologies, with purpose of reduce the environment impact and improve the load capacity.


Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistic services:


WWL offers transoceanic transport services as much as transfer and short distance marine traffic. Been one of the main Ro-Ro transporters of the world. WWL carrie in a save way aprox. 1.2 millions cars, roller equipment and lose cargos in one year to most destinies around the world.

In addition we offer to our customers the advantage of supply chain management and in land logistics support such as distribution, vehicle processing, port services and storage.

Cargo segmentation

Besides the cars, farm and construction machinery transportation, we also specialize in  oversize loads, large and heavy up to 50 meters long, 7 meter tall and 380 tons of weight. We have the expertise and the right equipment needed to confront any challenge.

Track and Trace follow up

WWL have an online follow tool, Track and Trace, that offers to customers a complete visualization of their cargos. Search function allow  the user to find, group, see and export (XLS and PDF formart) the selected cargos according the last event with practically real time actualizations.

WCSA Import Service

Monthly service with connection in Manzanillo, Panamá from all the other commercial routes noted below.

Bremerhaven – Zeebrugge – Southampton – Santander – Baltimore, US – Galveston, US – Veracruz, Mx – Cartagena – Manzanillo, Pa – Manta – Callao – Iquique – San Antonio

WCSA Export Service

This service depends on the availability of the ship with connection by Manzanillo, Panamá.

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